The Good Business of Branding

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A brand is not so much who you are say you are, but rather who others recognize you to be! A brand is defined as being distinctive, having ownership; an identifiable mark that sets itself apart from the rest of a crowded market.

In today’s economy, having a well-recognized brand is essential and to fail at establishing your brand is almost a certainty for not being able to withstand the onslaught of aggressive competition.

When working to establish a brand, it is important to hire the right professionals rather than throwing everything you’ve got up against a slippery wall with the expectation that something is bound to stick. It is said that when starting a business, the most important people to have on your team are a good lawyer and accountant. To that list of essentials, a very capable branding and marketing professional is an absolute must.

There are a number of things to take into consideration when trying to assess who might be adept or capable at taking on the task of making you a household name. While making your assessment, here are five key elements that must be taken into consideration in order to establish your brand.

1. Authenticity – a brand is not something you make up. It is a well thought-out plan or idea with which you can identify as your own.
2. Focused – in order to distinguish who you are, you must have a message that is focused and does not deviate to mimic others around you.
3. Integrity – a good brand is a well-trusted brand. Is what you are representing one that your customers can rely on? In other words, can you stand by or support who you say you are and assure your clients that you can and will deliver?
4. Value – what is your brand worth? Is it something that only a few people can wrap their arms around or does it have broad appeal for a larger audience?
5. Time-tested – brands are not to be confused with fads which are here today and gone tomorrow; once a good substitute shows up in the marketplace. Good brands are able to survive the ups and downs that are a part of maintaining and operating an enterprise.

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